A little word about the year ahead - and the month just gone!
I'm so, so happy to announce that I am now a new mother to a healthy baby boy who has me very much run off my feet trying to keep up with him already. I've already been on maternity leave from writing from a short time, but as discussed in previous posts and newsletters, I have done some planning ahead of time to make sure that Serial Investigations can continue to roll out on schedule.
There may be a small delay in the release of the next book - Serial Investigations 10 - but as I hadn't yet announced the release date, you guys will effectively be none the wiser! Not long after that, I will be back to work and thus there will be three or four books released in 2022 as usual.
I also have the relaunch of Mira's War coming up next year, and I'm hoping to have another book series getting started in 2022 which will be released under a pseudonym. You won't hear much about this series except in my newsletter, but it will be one of the things taking up my time - along with my usual ghostwriting work. I'll be discussing ghostwriting projects again from April 2022, so if you're interested in setting something up, do feel free to contact me whenever you like - though I won't be too quick with responses until we get closer to the time!
That's all the news for now, but stay tuned for more developments as the year goes on - you know me, I'm always dreaming up new plans and thinking up new plots, so anything could happen!

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