It's time again to share some of my recent reads with you! Actually, for the most part since lockdown began, I've been rereading some old favourites. But there are still a few others I picked up beforehand that I haven't talked about, so here we go!
The Silent Patient - Alex Michaelides
Good and easy read, I devoured it in three nights. The twist is kind of the obvious twist (I had narrowed it down to two), although what's interesting is how it gets there. The storytelling and pacing is well done.

My only bugbear was the obviousness of some of the phrasing. There's a bit of a trend in contemporary thrillers for lots of 'little did I know'-type foreshadowing, which I always find a bit clunky and heavy-handed. There is some prevalence of that here.
The Boyfriend Game - Stella Starling
This was exactly the sweet, happy, joyful, twisty love story I needed to read right now. Normally I don't really care for 'one year later' epilogues but wow, this one nailed it. I stayed up until 3am to read it all in one sitting because once I started, there was no chance of stopping.
My Invisible Lover - Jamie Athelstan
This is a re-issue, a new edition of the book, but I helped with redesigning the covers so I had to throw it in! This is a three-book series (at least for now - I don't know if Jamie intends to add more) and it's a rollercoaster ride.
It's steamy, full of massive twists and turns, and the conclusion of the first book is shocking. The main plot revolves around a man who can turn himself invisible, and the love story that develops with a civilian, but there's also a constant near danger which threatens all of their time together. Pick this one up, and if you like it, don't wait to get the second one. Jamie tells me book three will also be reissued very soon so you'll be able to read the whole saga.

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