It's time for some new book reviews! When I don't have any other news to share, I use my weekly blog update to bring you some books I've read recently and enjoyed. If you like my work, chances are you will enjoy these as well! This week I've got a continuation from last week with book 2 in a series, plus some new titles that I had started for the first time.
Sycamore Gap - LJ Ross
Sycamore Gap is the second book in this series, and I was definitely looking forward to it as it's set somewhere I've actually been. On an exhaustive school trip which involved an enforced march even the Romans would have frowned at, no less.
We're back with the seemingly irresistable DCI Ryan, who is so attractive that women can't seem to stay away from him. Having said that, there did seem to be a certain cooling off in the ardent passions of his relationship with his girlfriend, who he met in book 2. 
I didn't enjoy this quite as much as book 1, which might well have been a good thing because it allowed me to take a break from the series and read something new. If it had been totally compelling and forced me to read on, you might have been facing a LOT of LJ Ross reviews. Still, I will likely revisit this series in the future as the concept of centring around a certain location is good fun.
Criminal Intentions Season One Episode One
The Cardigans - Cole McCade
I had been waiting to get stuck into this one for a while - I have loved the other works I've read by this author, and the MCs are gay detectives... not to mention that one of them is even Korean. Right up my street is an understatement!
I'm champing at the bit to get to the next book because this one was one of my favourite things I've read this year. There will absolutely be more Criminal Intentions coming up in my reviews from now on! The characters are enchanting, and the way McCade writes is such poetry that I would probably read it even if it didn't have a fantastic plot and plenty of suspense. Which, in case I'm not being clear, it does.
The good news is there's a whole ton of books in this series already, too, and McCade publishes probably quicker than I read. I doubt that I'm going to run out any time soon!
Taboo For You - Anyta Sunday
Away from the crime for a moment and onto something you'll probably enjoy if you're already rooting for Ram and Will to get together: gay romance!
I'm actually a big fan of Anyta Sunday - it's not even a guilty pleasure, I just love the feeling her books give you. It's like a warm cozy night by the fire. There might be drama along the way, but you can read on safe in the knowledge that everyone will end up happy and in the arms of the right person.
This particular tale follows adult neighbours and best friends Sam and Luke (who I spent the entire book envisaging as the Luke from Gilmore Girls) who both have secret feelings for each other and both want to keep that secret until their dying day. Happily, they do not succeed.
The ending is kind of a given from the start, but the journey to get there is so sweet. You just keep on rooting for them to come out and say it - and their constant stumbles and misinterpretation of one another is adorable.

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