Last week I revealed that the third book in the Serial Investigations series will be called Blood Alcohol. Today, I'm unveiling the cover! Let's take a look (and be sure to scroll down for more...)
Knowing that the cover usually contains some hints as to the location of the plot, as well as something to do with the crimes being committed, I'll leave you to speculate on what this one means...
Now, onto the launch details. This book will be available to purchase from the 30th November 2019 - and I hope to get it up on pre-order for at least a week, so watch out for that (I'll update this page when it's open). 
I've also created a new tier of participation for readers with this book, inviting you to join my VIP team. If you want to get your hands on the book BEFORE the 30th - exciting, right? - just sign up to be a VIP. There will be some other goodies going in as well.
There will also be some other activities going on, such as Facebook Live launching and possibly some in-person appearances in the UK, so I will update you about those soon. In the meantime, I'm off to polish the manuscript formatting and make sure everything works correctly before setting up those pre-orders!

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