It's here!
Blood Alcohol is now ready for preorder as an ebook. The paperback will launch on the same day as the ebook, November 30th.
Here's the full blurb for Blood Alcohol: 

A horrific torture case with a ticking clock.

All he can see is the bottle.

Private detectives Ram and Will thought they’d wrapped everything up when they found Ray Riley’s body in Sevenoaks. But it turns out that things aren’t what they seemed – and Riley may be the latest victim of a torture-happy murderous duo.

For the second time, Serial Investigations London are called in to assist as civilian consultants with DI Alex Heath’s team at the Met – but they have their own personal problems getting in the way of clear thinking.

Will has something to get off his chest, and it’s related to that kiss they shared – the one they both tried to forget. But Ram can’t stop drinking to push away the confusion, and this time he’s going to land himself in more trouble than ever before.

Can they get over their issues for long enough to stop another murder – or even keep themselves alive?
Grab your preorder here, and use the same link from the 30th onwards if you want to pick up either the ebook or paperback!
In other news, I've also just had a short story published in The Weekly Knob on Medium. Called Seven Sticks, it is a witchy tale based on the prompt 'butter'. Check it out here!

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