It's been a few days since Blood Evidence went live in the Kindle store and as a paperback, so I'm bringing you some ranking updates! I've been sharing everything on Facebook and Twitter on a live basis, so if you want the most up-to-date updates, that's where to follow. 
The biggest result so far this week has been #14 in the rankings for Blood Evidence! Bloodless, book 1 in the series, has also shot back up almost to the top 50 at #53. It was pretty exciting to have two books in the top 100 at the same time. I'm now looking forward to seeing how many I can get up there at once as the series continues! 
See below for a few screenshots of these moments as they happened! If you want to join the charge and help me reach the top 10 - our newest goal - then go ahead and grab your own copy at this link. It's just 99p right now but will be going up to £2.97 soon, so now is the time!
I also did a Facebook live video this week to launch the book, which you can view here.

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