The time to get your hands on Blood Magic is now!
The paperback is now live to order from Amazon, and you can also preorder the ebook version to get it delivered to your ereader at midnight! Kindle Unlimited should be live tonight as well.
Make sure you grab your copy - so you can follow along with our traditional book launch livestream! I'm not 100% sure when it's going to be, because I'm waiting for my own paperback copy to arrive so I can read from it to you all. It's not as exciting when I'm just reading from a screen!
At any rate, the details will be as follows: I will be reading on my Instagram page, so you can turn on notifications by following me there to know exactly when I do go live. It will either be:
Sunday 1st August - 3pm
Monday 2nd August - 6pm
Sorry for the confusion, but in this case I'm blaming the delivery schedule haha. You can send me questions on Instagram before the time - I've put up a story you can respond to there. You can send them at any time, and I'll be saving the video to share later just in case you can't watch live, so I'll still be able to answer your questions on the stream.
See you then!

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