Blood Magic is now available for preorder!
You can grab it on Amazon now in ebook form. As always, I'll be trying to get the paperback up as close as possible to the release date - which is the 1st August 2021!
Allow me to whet your appetite with a share of the blurb:
A psychic prediction of death…
… That ends up coming true.

Ram and Will aren’t exactly believers in the occult. When a medium comes to them and claims to have heard rumours of death from the other side, they laugh her out of the door. But when her prediction comes true, they have to consider that something more serious might be going on here.
A missing person case turns out to be more complex than they could have imagined, and with the lines between life and death becoming blurred, they both have to confront their own feelings about what happened to them in Paris. The fears, the doubts, and the worry for Capitaine Varon haven’t gone away – and every hint of danger is enough to make Ram want to wrap Will in unwanted cotton wool. That doesn’t help when they’re sucked deep into the turmoil of national politics, and the seedy underbelly of big business.
With a trip home for Christmas impending, and the invitation to the mysterious Black Dragon still looming, Ram has a lot on his mind. But with Harry and Alex both having their own reasons for staying quiet, Will has to find a way to keep him steady on his own. What’s awaiting them will make them wonder – and rattle some of their core beliefs to their foundation.
If you’re a fan of BBC’s Luther, Jo Nesbo’s Harry Hole, or sharply witty gay men, you’ll love Serial Investigations. Search for the truth in Blood Magic, a tale of death and corruption that will raise the hairs on the back of your neck.

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