Last week I revealed the cover for Blood on Holly, and this week I'm giving you more reveals with the blurb! The novella is now up for pre-order if you'd like to grab it before release - it will be out on the 1st November. Here's the blurb to get you excited:

The first Christmas is always special…
William Wallace is a nerd. Friendless, alone, and focused on his studies. Now he’s training to join the police force, the last thing he expects is to find someone who actually wants to spend Christmas with him. Anything is better than another year around the table with Ambassadors and politicians, with formal talk and wine.
Julius Rakktersen is a rockstar. He doesn’t have to take anything seriously, because he knows he can get away with it. But the trouble is, he can’t trust that anyone actually likes him for himself – and not just because of his father’s name. This year, things might be different. Anything would be better than facing his father over turkey and sprouts.
Join the boys for a Christmas interlude in this novella, set years before Bloodless – soon after they first met in training. With no crimes or cases, get to know them – and their feelings for each other – a bit better before jumping back into the action. And look out for a special appearance from another old friend…
Haven’t read Blood Magic yet? This book contains potential spoilers for books 1 – 9 in the Serial Investigations series. Make sure you catch up before you dive in!

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