It's time to get your hands on my Christmas novella! The new book is set between the events of Blood Sport and Blood Diamond - kind of book 5.5 in the series, if you will. It's available for pre-order now and will be going live on the 11th! 
Here's a look at the blurb if you're not yet convinced:
A Christmas apart…

Will and Ram have survived everything JM Coil could throw at them – and everything they could do to themselves.

But now, Serial Investigations London face their first Christmas apart in years. Will’s in rehab and Ram is stuck at home, wishing his favourite person in the world was by his side – and wondering how he can keep a roof over their heads with no money coming in.

Join the boys for a Christmas interlude in this novella, set between the events of Blood Sport and Blood Diamond. With no crimes or cases, get to know them – and their feelings for each other – a bit better before jumping back into the action.

By the way - the book is available in ebook form at just 99p! It's also part of Kindle Unlimited, so if you're a subscriber, you can read it for free. Here's that link again.

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