It's just over a week to go before the launch of Blood Sacrifice, and I'm here with another sneak peek! This time, it's the blurb - read it all below...
A romantic trip to Paris…
… A dead body at a famous landmark.
A trip to Paris for Ram’s birthday was never going to go smoothly. From the second he spots a police presence while exploring a monument and learns there’s been a murder, he’s chomping at the bit to get involved – and when he’s recognised by a fan, he gets his chance.

With Will sucked into the investigation as well, this should a chance for them to enjoy an international reputation and solve a case for the Paris police. But as more bodies appear and the case gets more complicated, their unfamiliar surroundings could turn around and bite them.

Locked out of their hotel, with their cash stolen and an unfriendly police force shutting them out, Ram and Will might just come up against their biggest opponent yet. Are they embroiled in a conspiracy that could overtake them entirely – or are the shadows in the corners of Notre-Dame really just shadows?

If you’re a fan of BBC’s Luther, Jo Nesbo’s Harry Hole, or sharply witty gay men, you’ll love Serial Investigations. Try to stay alive in Blood Sacrifice, a mystery set in the city of love – where red is now the colour of blood, not romance.

Click 'Buy Now' to enter the minds of stressed and struggling detectives as they tackle the a vast Satanic conspiracy that could swallow them whole.

You can grab your pre-order of the ebook at this link, and you can also get the paperback in the same place on release day!

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