Blood Sport goes live in just three days! Make sure you get the ebook on release day by preordering, and look out for the paperback on the 30th as well.
In celebration, I am as always going to be doing a Facebook livestream for the launch. Be sure to drop me a question if there's anything you'd like to ask! 
To whet your appetite even further, today I'm sharing the full blurb for Blood Sport. Read on, and if it tickles your fancy, go ahead and check out the Amazon page for more!
A copycat killer who knows every detail.
A locked room with no escape.

Serial Investigations London is officially closed for business – with private detectives Will and Ram still not talking to one another after an explosive argument. Even when a copycat killer springs up, seemingly targeting only their own cases, they can’t see eye to eye.

Little wonder, given that they both have something more important on their minds. Someone knows about San Francisco – about the man who died on a rooftop at their feet. Who has discovered their deepest secret? And what will they do to keep it buried?

That’s when another mystery piles up on top of the rest: a traditional trope that every seasoned detective must face, the locked room. But this one has a deadly twist, and if they don’t come to terms with their differences and work together, one of them might not live to regret it.

Will and Ram face the most pressing and personal danger yet – but the question is, who’s behind it? And will they realise they’ve been set against one another before it’s too late?

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