Hello again from a very sleep-deprived place - I've actually lost track of time to the point that this blog post is coming out on Monday rather than the planned Friday! I hope you'll forgive me for that, and also the fact that this book is taking a little longer than expected to emerge. I hope to have it up on preorder for you all next week, but we'll see how it goes! 
In the meantime, I couldn't leave you hanging forever, so I'm whetting your appetite with a glimpse of the upcoming plot. We've already revealed the title and the cover, so here's the next step: the blurb! Give it a ready below, and feel free to send me your theories about what's about to happen on Twitter.

A cold case heating up…
… A secret coming out.

Ram and Will have a secret, and only three people in the world know it. The two of them, and JM Coil. So, with Ram seeing Coil – who must still be in prison – at every turn, and the FBI turning up to investigate a cold case, it feels like it’s only a matter of time before their secret is out.
The Thames Valley Stalker is Will’s pet serial killer, and now it seems like he might be active again – both at home and overseas. What should be a dream case turns into a nightmare as he realises his very involvement puts both him and Ram at risk of everything being found out at last.
Alex is still on bereavement leave, right when they need a friend at the Met the most. They’ll have to put up with assistance from a very unlikely source instead – someone who is supposed to be dead, turning up like a ghost on their doorstep. And with one more secret to try to keep from the FBI, it’s not long before Ram is eyeing the bottle again like it might be the answer to all of his problems.
The question is, can he stay on the wagon, keep his cool, and help solve the case? Or will the serial killer of the century finally be the undoing of the private detectives who have weathered every storm until now?
And what will happen when they take their suspicions into their own hands and confront their suspect in the flesh?
If you’re a fan of BBC’s Luther, Jo Nesbo’s Harry Hole, or sharply witty gay men, you’ll love Serial Investigations. Fight for justice in Blood Trail, a twisting tale of clues, suspects, fake deaths, and new leads that will have you reaching for the red string.

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