The release of Blood Work is getting closer and closer! I recently shared the cover for the first time, and today I'm giving you even more of a teaser with the blurb.
Read it below to whet your appetite - the pre-order will be going up on Amazon very soon!
Two friends in danger…
… Two cases to solve.

Getting arrested on suspicion of killing the latest victim of the Thames Valley Stalker seemed like it might be a big deal. But that’s the least of Will and Ram’s worries when a bad week turns even worse.
Capitaine Varon saved their lives in Paris, and all they want is to do the same. But with the French policeman determined to get out of their tiny apartment, and the FBI now aware of his existence, it’s starting to feel impossible. Keeping him alive might be more than they can handle, with limited resources at their disposal and threats coming from every direction.
Harry’s excuses are starting to wear thin when he turns up covered in bruises yet again, and Will’s determined to find out who his elusive, controlling boyfriend really is. But with Harry pretending everything is fine, how can Will make him see he’s in danger? And will his warning come too late?
As if being pulled in two different directions wasn’t enough, the private detectives soon find themselves pulled in four. Running under all of their worries for their friends are two cases – one concerning the Thames Valley Stalker and one connected to the Black Dragon. Both of these cases are more than just jobs – they’re personal.
Can they save Varon and Harry before it’s too late? Can they catch the Thames Valley Stalker – or convince the FBI to do it – when the suspicion is falling on their own heads? Can they solve the murder of a prominent Black Dragon member without falling into a trap set by JM Coil himself?
And, most of all, can they handle all of this pressure without falling off the wagon?

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