I've read another book by Becca Seymour recently so I had high hopes for this one! Initially I did struggle a bit to get emotionally attached to the main characters. At first I couldn't get to know them because we dived right in at their first meeting with no backstory.

After I got to know them a little more, I was really rooting for them to get it together. They really were a cute couple and just perfect together. I liked the background drama, too. I was hoping it would develop into an even bigger storyline but it did provide a great catalyst for their feelings to come to a head.

Overall I enjoyed the read, but I really wanted more! I could have read a book double this length, watching these guys circle each other and deal with Tom's drama.

Loved: The possessiveness in Elijah and how he was always determined to look after Seb.

Liked: The setting was really interesting and allowed for some great scenes and side characters.

Disliked: There's a timeskip to the last chapter which feels too rushed - we don't get to experience the closure of the paint incident or a major milestone in their budding relationship. It felt like they were only getting started on their story when it ended.

Burning Question: I'd love to know more about some of the potential relationships - does Tom get together with Lady BG?!

I received a free ARC copy of this book but my review is my genuine opinion.
A bar owner who’s not looking for a relationship. A lost soul who’s afraid to trust. When Elijah and Seb meet, sparks fly. But will either of them find the courage to take what they want?
Pouring his all into his business, Elijah is perfectly content running his bar. With its prime location and its infamous drag shows, Bar QK is the place to be. Elijah is used to meeting new and sometimes interesting people, but it’s rare anyone catches his interest for anything longer than a five-minute conversation.
It takes a wandering, unfiltered surfer, who’s tired of the chase and dog-tired of people taking advantage of him, to spark long-buried interest in Elijah.
While kindness runs through his veins, Seb doesn’t believe in fairy tales. He has a past he’d rather forget and has no real expectations for his future. He believes it’s safer to not make assumptions about anything or anyone; that way, he’ll remain safe.
It takes his elusive, aloof boss, whose mixed messages are more confusing than Ikea furniture instructions, to show Seb that opening his heart can be worth the risk.
When Elijah and Seb find themselves working on a common goal, the high stakes may be just the nudge they need.

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