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Even though I've enjoyed the series so far, I was a little nervous about Touch & Go. Why? Because I really didn't like Micah in the previous installments, and I knew he was a main character here. Did I even want to see him get his happy ever after?
Well, from the beginning of the book, Micah remains as awful as he was before. There is a little more justification behind his action as we see them through his eyes, but not enough to excuse the way he acted. Actually, even to the end he was still pretty surly, and didn't improve hugely after having his big hospital revelation about how bad he'd been.
But the shining light in this book was Justin. He was such a great character and all-around good guy that it made things okay. And I was genuinely happy to see them get together in the end.  
Loved: The last paragraph. Sometimes you see an author just NAIL an ending, and this was one of those times.
Liked: Justin, Bererra, the other characters around Micah, and getting to see more of our guys from the first two books
Disliked: I wanted to get to know the other characters more. Luis, for example, who could have been a really strong side character but was only barely fleshed out. And the guys on the team - we saw some of them so little I couldn't keep them apart in my head.
Burning Question: Is another team member gay? Because I feel like hell yes. All that macho posturing has to come from some sense of insecurity somewhere...
I received a free ARC copy of this book but my review is my genuine opinion.
Micah Warner spent his whole life dreaming of pitching in the big leagues. Signing with a minor-league team near Chicago puts him one step closer to making that a reality. But there are no out players in pro ball, so any involvement with a man must be discreet.
Physical therapist Justin Lamb loves his job with the Cougars. A romantic at heart, he wants to find lasting love—with a man or woman—but traveling with the team makes it difficult to maintain a long-term relationship.
Micah offers Justin a no-strings-attached way to blow off some steam, and Justin reluctantly agrees. It doesn’t take long before they’re both in over their heads but falling in love will risk everything.
With their careers and relationship hanging in the balance, they have one last play to make.
It’s time to take a swing for real and lasting love.
About the series:
A former college hockey stars decision to come out of the closet and reunite with his high school boyfriend does more than change the direction of their lives.
It sets into motion events that will lead to their respective best friends, a former hockey player and a psychology major, being stuck on a summer road trip together.
They cross paths with another old friend, an injured pro baseball player whose been forced to move in with his physical therapist. Old hurts are healed and the six become close friends.
When a night out for the guys leads to their meeting an Olympic hopeful swimmer who is fascinated by a drag queen it’s clear that none of their lives will ever be the same.
They are standalone stories featuring four different couples. Reading in order is helpful but not required.
Overall Heat Rating for the series: 4 flames: Detailed love scenes, graphic description of anatomy and of sexual acts.
Publisher: Two Peninsulas Press (self-published)
Cover Artist: Brigham Vaughn

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