I thought it was about time to give some general updates on the books and how sales have been going! It's been a while, so maybe we can take this as a bit of a summary of 2020 (at least, so far!).
So, first of all, THANK YOU to everyone who has bought one of my books or read them on Kindle Unlimited so far. I keep a close eye on my stats, so I've probably seen the exact day that your purchase or reads came in! I love stats and comparing day to day, month to month, seeing what strategies work and where I can improve, so that's great.
And one of the biggest updates I had this year came from a source I don't talk about often here, since it was published so long ago: Boy Under Water! It was my first book published under my own name so it will always seem special to me, but apparently you guys love it too. This year, for the first time, it became a bestseller! How cool is that? So, now I'm officially an Amazon bestselling author, and I'm actually adding that to my book covers from now on.
I'm so pleased this happened and I'm looking forward to even better things in 2020. The number of readers picking up my books increased dramatically this year and I can only hope for more of the same. With even bigger news coming next year (which you may already know if you follow me on Twitter, hint hint) and lots to come from new Serial Investigations books as well, this time next year I think I'll have a lot of excitement to look back on.
Of course, that also means a lot of work... so I'd better get back to it! This month I broke my own record and managed 5,000 words of fiction in less than two hours, so I'm still honing my skills even after a decade of writing and more than 50 finished books. And there's never any time like the present to keep that going!

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