We're in our second month of lockdown here in the UK, but around us every day I see people breaking the restrictions and spending more and more time socialising together outside, putting one another and the vulnerable members of our community in danger. It's important that we continue to stay safe inside, and to reward those who are doing just that, I've decided to put on a flash sale for all of my books.
BLOODLESS, book one of Serial Investigations, will be FREE for the next few days. Grab it quick (and if you already have a copy, I'd love if you could help out with a review or two).
Blood Evidence will be available at a reduced price of 99c (but be quick! This deal is really limited.
Blood Alcohol and Blood Sucker will ALSO be hitting reduced prices later on in the week! This is a staggered deal (so it starts at 99c, then goes up to 1.99, and so on until returning to the normal price), so the quicker you make a move, the better deal you'll get!
Stay inside and read in a comfy spot this weekend - if you can sunbathe inside your own property, all the better! Book five will be coming out by July, so you won't have long to wait for the next instalment which wraps up this big arc we've been following the boys through.

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