It's been a little while since I caught you guys up with my plans, so here we are! If you've been following my newsletter or any of my social media accounts, you probably already know that I'm currently expecting my first baby. And this means, well, a little disruption is probably ahead!
Not to worry, though, because I have plans in place for Serial Investigations as well as all the other projects you're here for. Here's the lowdown...
General work:
I'm going on maternity leave in October, and won't be back to my normal work schedule until April. As a freelancer, I've worked pretty much nonstop (often without taking weekends, holidays, birthdays, or any other day off) for a long time. It's been over ten years since I took my first freelance job, and I've never had a break for longer than a week, so I think it's high time I did. I love the fact that the freedom of my job means I can take this time to really enjoy bonding with my first baby and being there for all his first milestones! I'm super excited (and more than a little nervous that the urge to work will be strong, after so long in the habit, haha!).
Serial Investigations:
My plan is to have one last book ready by the end of the year before I go on maternity leave. I'll then casually work on SI as and when I feel the urge to during maternity leave, since SI never really feels like work to me. It's something that makes me feel excited to get up and get in front of my laptop when I know it's on the day's schedule. I hope that even with taking it easy, I'll be on track for the usual release schedule, since I'll have two or three times as long to make each book without other work getting in the way. If it doesn't work out quite like that, there may be one fewer SI book next year, but there will definitely be some.
Case Files:
I mentioned already that I'm planning on setting up a newsletter based around true crime case files. You can sign up for that when it launches here. This might again be one of the projects I tinker around with during maternity leave. Actually, if I get myself organised enough, I may well have time to write the full six months of newsletters before I go on leave and then just queue them all up, so I'm still hoping to get this project underway before the end of the year.
Mira's War:
I haven't yet set a definitive date for when I'll put out the new edition of Mira's War. (Read this post for info on why I need to). I already have enough on the schedule above that I don't want to stress out thinking about another set of deadlines, so we'll play this one casual for now! I will of course give you a heads up when it's ready to get out there. I'm not sure when it will be, exactly, but it will happen eventually!

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