As many of you know, I'm just about to go on maternity leave - which means it's time for things to get a little quieter around here!
*... Maybe!
Well, alright, this is the deal. I'm only going to be posting when I have real updates to share. Which means all of the usual book launch stuff like cover reveals and preorder links, as well as possibly a few promotional posts for Case Files as I get it more properly up and running. All this to say, it might even end up getting a bit busier for a short while, especially as we're coming up to a big announcement...
Okay, I'll just come out and say it: there's a new Serial Investigations book coming out really soon! I haven't mentioned anything about it yet as it's the second year in a row I've decided to launch a surprise Christmas novella. You guys enjoyed the last one a lot, so this year I decided to go ahead and do the same thing again. More details on that from next week!
After that, though, and possibly right in the middle of that if things don't go according to the doctors' timeframe, I'll probably vanish off the face of the earth for a while. I can't predict when since I'll, you know, be giving birth. Which means if you do notice a sudden absence of updates, it's nothing to panic about - I've just got a few other, more pressing things to deal with!
I'll be back, obviously - and next year I'll come off maternity leave and back to posting weekly blog updates, which means you can look forward to more of my between-launch waffle soon enough. If 'look forward to' is the appropriate term.
Anyway, if you're sitting here from the future thinking this blog is dead - it's not, and now you know why! See you soon!

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