It's the start of a new year already, and I hope it's been a good one for you! I've just recently received delivery of a paperback copy of one of the books I recently ghostwrote, which was exciting. I can't wait to read through it and find out how the final version came out. In the meantime, I'm sharing some reviews of other books that I've read recently... or less recently, as this year I've only managed to finish one book so far.
Felicia Davin - Thornfruit
First, a word of warning: this is nothing like my books at all, so may not be to your taste! However, I found it to be a captivating start to a fantasy series with some incredibly interesting concepts.
I loved both the new universe created in this book and the people who populate it. Needless to say I will be continuing on through the series.
The protagonists are involved in a bisexual/lesbian love angle, but as yet there's been no kissy stuff. Maybe that will come in the next book, but as they're depicted as quite young, it doesn't feel like it will be totally necessary.
Side note: when did I get so old that teen characters are 'quite young'? Ah well.
Hide and Seek (Rebus book 2) - Ian Rankin
I wasn't fully convinced by the first Rebus book, but as I'd already bought the second one at a criminally low price in a shop at random, I thought I might as well get on and read it.
I'm warming up to the Rebus character noq. It's a bit dated as a product of its time, but he is more likeable here and the story a bit more engaging. I'm not rushing out to buy the next one but I would read it if I came across it somewhere.
Of course, with a writer as prolific and ubiquitous as Rankin, it's very likely that I will!
Killing Commendatore - Haruki Murakami
I'm a huge Murakami fan and have read almost all of his books to date (I'm just missing the one about jazz). As such, I couldn't wait to get stuck into this one.
The begining was very slow. I waited a long time, patiently, for something to emerge. At last it did and became more interesting. There were some themes and ideas here that have appeared in or developed from previous Murakami works, that much is clear. This work feels almost like an experimentation. Getting certain ideas out of his system, or trying them out in some way. 
It feels less finished than some of his other works. But given the theme of unfinished paintings, maybe this was deliberate. In the end I enjoyed it, if not quite as much as titles like Kafka on the Shore or Norwegian Wood. 

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