It's been a whirlwind week since Blood Alcohol went live for purchase in both paperback and ebook. I've loved seeing people reading and reacting to it for the first time! It was a lot of fun to write and I'm glad you guys are enjoying reading it as well.
As if to prove that, we had some amazing results during the launch campaign. The highest rank I managed to catch on screenshot was #6 in our top category and #2 in Hot New Releases, which is absolutely amazing - the best launch from the series so far! See the screenshots below for how it all looked.
At the same time, both Bloodless and Blood Evidence also returned to the top 100 (I even saw Bloodless in the top 25), so we've got some new readers along for the journey with us!
The other exciting thing is that now that there are three books out in the series, Amazon has recognised that and put together a dedicated series page as well as linking all of the books together whenever you visit one of them. You can now buy the whole series in a single click. How neat is that?
I'm pressing on already with the fourth book in the series (title TBC). I had a plot already in mind from when I wrote Bloodless, but now that I'm here I realised it needed something a little more. I've rejigged the whole thing and rearranged how things will go down, so it's going to be EVEN BETTER than I first thought. Oh, and I've got some absolutely diabolical things planned for book five, too!

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