Mentorship Program
Rhiannon runs a mentorship program which is designed to take authors through every stage of the creation process: from getting those first ideas, deciding on the direction to go in, and writing a book, through to publishing, marketing, and selling.
The program begins with a free group session of up to four writers, held once a month. This is a chance to get to know one another, discuss your work, and see if this is the right mentorship program for you.
We then follow a series of eleven modules, which we can skip through or rearrange depending on the best course for you. Each module focuses on a different element of becoming a bestselling author, such as scene sequelling, publishing through Amazon, building a mailing list, and editing your manuscript.
If you wish to continue with your mentorship after completing these modules, we will work on specific obstacles or questions that may come up during the pursuit of your work.
Mentorship sessions can be done over the phone or in person, starting from £20/hour. Bulk book ten sessions in advance for a discount!
Any questions? Get in touch below.
Thank you!