As we head into the new year, I wanted to share with you a couple of reviews that came in towards the end of 2020. Here's a few links for you to check out!
The first that I wanted to share was from Shari Sakurai, who very kindly included Serial Investigations in her top books of 2020. It's obviously very flattering to be included in such a list, and I'm really pleased to know that the books have made such an impact. It's always lovely to read that people appreciate what you're doing!
Shari has also recently reviewed Blood on Poinsettia, which was a really nice thing to read as well. My Christmas novella was a bit of a surprise gift to my readers and so I didn't do any big promotional campaign at all, so finding a review like this is just wonderful.
And one more to add - I just recently had a brilliant and in-depth review on Boy Under Water's GoodReads page which I absolutely loved. Please do go check it out and, if you haven't already, leave some thoughts of your own! Any review on GoodReads or Amazon is so appreciated and I absolutely will see it, as I like to read my reviews regularly and keep track of what you all think.
If you're a book reviewer yourself and would like to review any of my titles, do please get in touch via the contact form as I will always be happy to hear from you!

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