I've got a whole raft of updates to share today, as we head towards the day of release for Mira's War (March 2nd)!
Pre-order options for paperback, hardback, and ebook are available right now. Head to City Limits Publishing to confirm your copy!
Throughout the whole of March, they've got a 20% off discount for any books by female authors. That means you can grab Mira's War at a lower price, as well as supporting some of the other women sharing their stories with City Limits!
I've also been busy behind the scenes filming lots of video content for this launch. Two of them are out already, so be sure to check them out! The first is a clip in which I share five books that have inspired me the most in my writing.
The second video is "27 Questions", in which I answer lots of questions about writing, crime fiction, London, and myself! Enjoy, and look out for more to come!

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