I've just published a new short story on Medium, in the Weekly Knob! Case #342 follows a fellow you might well remember from a previous case, Inspector P. L. Waters...
A sneak peek follows!

There was a mixtape in the tape deck of his car.
There being a tape at all was unusual enough. It was hardly 1976 anymore, and yet there the tape deck was, right where it had been since the car was built. Inspector Waters had never much cared for upgrades. It wasn’t broken — well, not right now it wasn’t, though it’d had its fair share — so why fix it?
But there were two further facts that eluded his understanding. They were:
1. He had not put the tape into the tape deck; and
2. He had not made, nor received, a mixtape, nor was there anyone who would ever be so inclined to make him a mixtape; except maybe for his ex-wife, Kate, who if she did might do it as a creative way to get revenge by blowing his eardrums out with heavy metal or some-such, which did not seem completely likely.

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