What's this? MORE new stuff? Yes, I just recently got the news that these two pieces (which I wrote a couple of years ago) were finally accepted into a literary publication. It turns out they got lost on the slush pile for a while, but on review, the editor was able to publish them.
These have a witchy vibe - I've mentioned before that I'd love to write a witch-centric YA series at some stage, and you can see the early stages of those ideas here. 
Without further ado - here's Glass and The Bath Witch, on Literarti Magazine.
P.S. I publish these shorts for free, but if you'd like to show your support, I've just started posting on Patreon again. I'm also on Buy Me a Coffee if you want to just send your thanks as a one-time thing.
Image by Tabor on Pixabay

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