It's time for some new book reviews! Here's what I've been reading recently, which I think you guys might also enjoy.
Criminal Intentions Season One Episode Two: Junk Shop Blues - Cole McCade
I mentioned in my last reviews that I was looking forward to getting more stuck into this series, and oh boy was that an underexaggeration. I ended up reading the first six books in a month, so there's plenty more to come (though I won't oversaturate you with all of the reviews at once).
This book introduces some major ongoing characters, and also establishes more details about the main duo. The case is less gory than the first book and is a single murder rather than a serial case, but there's a lot of political machination behind the scenes to keep them busy.
The relationship between Malcolm and Seong-Jae is firmly in the denial stage, as both of them try to resist the attraction. There's a definite sense they won't be able to manage it for long....
Orphaned Follies (Mortality Bites Book 4) - Ramy Vance
I've also been galloping my way through this series, and while I've generally enjoyed them all, I wanted to provide a particular review for Orphaned Follies as it was my favourite of the lot so far.
New lore, new twists and turns, new development of the world - I'm already looking forward to #5. In this installment, a cast of new characters comes together with her heroine and her best friend in the guise of an event focused around a famous author.
No one is who they seem, however, and when the author is murdered on the first night of the conference, it could only possibly have been one of the people shut up in the school's snow-locked building that did it. Now suspicions are on everyone, including our heroine.
The conclusion was ultimately satisfying, as reveals pile on reveals to turn the whole story on its head. With a footing in the lore of a world not our own, this had so many enjoyable elements from start to finish.
Fake Out (Fake Boyfriend Book 1) - Eden Finley
This one follows a fairly predictable storyline, but when you're in the mood for a sweet romance, there's nothing wrong with that. The trope of pretending to be gay for some reason (in this case, to avoid outing a lie the main character told to break up with a girlfriend years before) turning into real attraction is clear even from the title, but it was done very nicely.
The mains are both very likeable, and with alternating perspective chapters, we got to see all the glorious misunderstandings and confusion playing out in real time. The first kiss happens reasonably early on to whet your appetite, and the two of them getting together isn't the end of the book - they have more to deal with afterwards.
The next book deals with a couple of their friends, set up quite smoothly in the later chapters, so I'll probably go on to read that at some point as well.

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