It's time for some new book reviews! Here's what I've been reading recently, which I think you guys might also enjoy.
Criminal Intentions Season One Episode Three: The Man with the Glass Eye
You already know I love this series from my previous reviews, and this one continues not to disappoint. The smouldering storyline forces Seong-Jae and Malcolm to pretend to be lovers, with predictably heart-racing results.
The storyline also brings in some faces we've met before, showing that there is going to be a running thread through the cases - those gone are not forgotten. Things are getting more entangled, more questions are being raised as others are being answered - but most importantly of all: when are our guys going to admit they have the hots for each other and just get it over with?! The wait is agonising and delicious.
Any Given Lifetime by Leta Blake
A bit of a choppy beginning was not enough to deter me from pressing on with this interesting concept, and it did improve once the narrative caught up to present day.
The idea is that a scientist is killed in a random accident, only a short while after finding the love of his life. Since they didn't get to really follow their relationship through, he gets reincarnated with full knowledge and memories of who he used to be - and has to wait twenty years to grow up go and find his love again.
That's a simplified premise, but there is also a plotline about nanites helping people recover from all kinds of illnesses and even the signs of aging which is quite interesting. In itself it could have been the basis for a sci-fi novel.
Good read for the concept, though I would have loved to go into it and the science/future possibilities side of things even further.
The Passengers - John Marrs
I spotted this one in a shop and couldn't resist the Black Mirror-esque plot.
Eight people are trapped inside driverless cars, being controlled by a hacker. They are all fated to die in a collision - unless the public, and a select jury, vote on who they would like to save. Only one can make it out alive.
This stellar concept has a lot of great twists and turns. We get doses of information about the characters that paint things one way, then another, then another again. At least one of the reveals actualy made me gasp out loud.
There were places where the narrative could have been tightened and parts that dragged on a little towards the end, but overall a satisfying plot with lots of interesting thinking points.

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