It's been a while since I've done anything with my Patreon, but it seems a good time to launch back in and share it with you all. I'm putting it back together as a place to share both short fiction and chapters of longer-form serialised fiction (a fantasy book called Fall From Grace in this case, although it does also have crime elements that you will enjoy!).
My Patreon page is here. Click through to support me as well as getting access to exclusive things that you can't find anywhere else - like the handwritten notes I use to plot things out and keep track of new ideas, videos of readings, and more.
It's likely to be a bit busy over the next few weeks as I'll be sharing some things that I missed out previously, and then it will be back to a regular schedule of a new piece every month. Your support means a lot, and you can get access for as little as $1 a month.
Here's the link again so you can check out everything that has already been posted as well as seeing what goodies you can get for signing up!

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