As some of you know, beyond my fiction work, I'm also the Chief Editor of a fashion magazine. London Runway has been going strong since 2017, and during that time I've written a lot of articles!
I thought I'd share a round-up of some of the most recent articles here. I don't usually share them on this blog, but I thought they might turn out to be of some interest to those of you who include fashion in your interests - after all, if I love gay crime fiction AND fashion, it's not out of the question to think someone else might too!
Here are a few bits and pieces to sink your teeth into:

Chief Editor Rhiannon D’Averc shares her secrets to always getting to every location shoot with just one bag – super useful for moving around the city! 
Rhiannon D’Averc shares her tips on not just getting work, but getting paid. As a model, finding paid work is very important. This is how you can earn a living from doing something that you love.
This issue, London Runway has teamed up with Samanta Bullock’s #SBChallenge to present a series of magazine covers starring disabled models. Rhiannon D’Averc explains more… 
Rhiannon D’Averc explains a new London Runway initiative designed to raise awareness about fair representation for models. In the past few years, London Runway has always worked hard towards three goals: sustainability, equality, and representation...
This issue, we speak to actress and model Ellie Gill, the winner of our advent calendar giveaway!
We chatted with a few of the brands you selected as your winners, to get the scoop on what goes on behind the scenes…

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