I knew I was going to have a good time reading this book from the first paragraph. The writing style is a fabulous meld of gritty crime against steamy romance, and it works perfectly.
In the end I found it leans more to the steamy than anything else (like, seriously, the MC is SO horny! haha). There is a mystery but there's not much in the way of red herrings or serious investigation work - everything just unfolds piece by piece and it's quite easy to figure out where it's going. There are some tense moments (the basement comes to mind!), but generally speaking this is more of a budding love story in a place that just happens to be haunted. It's not too scary so the faint of heart would be fine reading it.
Just maybe not in a public place. 
Loved: The gritty narrative style. Very present and commanding!
Liked: Reading something set in London, I always love being able to actually recognise places in the story and even have the possibility to go there if I want to imagine it more clearly.
Disliked: As much as I love reading my BL, I actually could have done with a little less randiness and a bit more investigation. 
Burning Question: I could honestly have sworn there was going to be something suspicious about the sister. Is she just putting on the innocent act?!
I received a free ARC copy of this book but my review is my genuine opinion.
There’s romance waiting for Toby at Darkwater House. Set on the edge of London’s beautiful Hampstead Heath, what better place for love to blossom with a stunningly handsome stranger?
But as Toby explores a passionate relationship with his dream man, dark forces are stirring within the walls of Darkwater House. There’s an angry spirit haunting the corridors and Albert the creepy landlord might be a killer.
As passion grows between Toby and his new neighbor Sean, they also work at unearthing the secrets of Darkwater House, looking for the evidence that will convict Albert, finally lay the angry ghost to rest and allow their love story to deepen.

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