Young King Arthur and the Round Table Knights by Siryn Sueng

I basically grew up on the Arthurian myth and I've read a ton of different adaptations, so it's no surprise that I was keen to pick this one up. And it does give a twist on the legend: this time, Arthur is just a young boy, but he's also gay, and quite attracted to one of his knights from the beginning.

One thing to note from the off about this book is that though the MC and supporting cast are said to be aged 14 to 19, they all act older. Given that it's a regular choice throughout the text for a 15-year-old to be described as a man, I gave up on keeping it straight in my head and allowed myself to picture them as more early twenties. I found that a lot more comfortable and easy to get through! I definitely don't want to read about a 14-year-old having sex, but the good news it doesn't go that far.

The tale turns into an enjoyable rout as Arthur must face a new enemy head-on immediately after taking the throne. A number of assassination attempts evolve into a quest that thrusts Arthur into more danger and ramps up the pace.

Several times I found myself racing ahead when I'd promised myself I would stop at the end of the next chapter - I just had to know what was next. I'll be looking out for the next book in this series as I would definitely like to read it.

Loved: The traditional and recognisable elements of the myth, from knights to druids and everything between.

Liked: The character development makes Arthur someone you really want to root for.

Disliked: I think I would have enjoyed it more if the characters were maybe 5 years older.

Burning Question: What's up with Merlin? He seems kind of shady at some points, though that might just be me...

I received a free ARC copy of this book but my review is my genuine opinion.
There was no reason for Arthur to think he would ever become king.
A peasant and son of a baker, Arthur grew up in the castle town of Camelot. When he attended the choosing ceremony, it was merely to see who would draw the Holy Sword,
Excalibur – to see who would inherit the throne of the recently departed King Uther. He never expected the sword would choose him…
But it did.
Now, at the young age of fourteen, he has become King Arthur, and for all the power he has gained, he has made just as many enemies. Surrounded by the Knights of the Round Table, and led by the mysterious mage, Merlin, Arthur is grateful for his allies, though he would just as soon return to his old life. Surely, someone more worthy should be chosen as king.
Arthur is in the middle of chaos, a world where everyone wants more than they let on, where many hate the idea of a young boy with no noble background being crowned king; where cold stares and whispered words are just as sharp as an assassin’s blade.
As Arthur fends for his life, he must draw on the strength of his knights, especially fifteen-year-old Mordred, who becomes closer to him than the mere bounds of duty. He must become king, not just in name, but in his heart.
And he must do it quickly, because his enemies want more than just his crown…

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