I thought I'd let you know about a huge bargain of a deal I've set up on Amazon for you guys - a boxset of the first five books in ebook form!
This boxset is available through Amazon here. Until recently it was only available in certain territories, but I've just expanded it to make it available everywhere you can buy Kindle books! This means you can now purchase the whole first arc of the Serial Investigations story for a much lower price.
How much lower? If you're shopping in the UK, the price for the boxset is £9.99. If you were purchasing each book one by one, you'd pay £13.85. That's the equivalent of getting almost two books for free!
The boxset is also available on Kindle Unlimited, so if you want to get stuck in without having to flip back and forth between different books every time you finish one, it's also perfect for you. And if you've already read the series before now, don't hesitate to recommend the boxset to your friends!

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