I can't believe it's already come around again, but here we are - I'm in the final stages of writing the seventh book of the Serial Investigations series, and it's time to let you know a few things about it. Are you ready? The title of the next book is...
Blood Pressure
I'm excited for you guys to learn what that means - of course, each title ties into something that happens in the book. Either it relates to the crime, or to something happening in the boys' lives... I'll leave you to speculate which one it could be this time!
As for the release schedule, normally I would be releasing it in the first week of March - that's how it was on my calendar according to the regular timeline I keep up for Serial Investigations. However, there is one big thing standing in the way...
The release of Mira's War! It comes out on March 2nd, and so I'd like to try to focus on one book launch at a time. To keep it from getting too crowded here on the blog, in your inboxes, and even in your Amazon checkout basket, I'm delaying the release of Blood Pressure until March 31st.
Never fear, however - this doesn't mean you'll be getting less of Serial Investigations this year! I'll be keeping Serial Investigations 8 to its already established release slot, so there will be a shorter gap between 7 & 8 than usual.
Next time I check in, I'll reveal the cover. See you then!

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