Want to get your hands on the whole of the first arc of the Serial Investigations series? It's now cheaper and easier to do than ever.
I've just packaged up and released the first five books, plus the Blood on Poinsettia novella, into one ebook boxset! This is a great way to get started on the series, whether you purchase it at the much reduced price or you read it on Kindle Unlimited for free.
Please note: unfortunately the boxset is not available in all territories. Why not? Because Amazon's pricing is not flexible enough to allow me to do that. In order to release it in certain countries, I would have to make it the same price as only two books, which is not only a poor business decision but also unfair to those in other territories who have to pay the price of four books! Therefore, you can still buy each of the individual titles around the world, but the boxset is only available in certain areas. If the link above doesn't take you to a page you can purchase from, this is why. Hopefully Amazon's policies will change in the future and I will be able to price it higher.

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