It's August, and right on schedule, I'm now in the early stages of Serial Investigations book 6. I know a lot of the reviews for book 5 have been mentioning a hope that the story carries on, and of course, it does - and I'm even more excited about bringing in this new arc.
Books 6-10 will introduce a whole new part of the story. It's going to mean a new villain, although when we get started from book 6, we're more back to the classic detective story for a bit. I've literally had a huge grin on my face getting up every morning to work on the plot outline and starting on the manuscript.
The characters you know and love already will be back for more, and there's also a few returning side characters as well as new faces. I can't wait for you to meet them all!
Things have been going really well with the first five books. I've had amazing sales for the last three months - better than ever, so I have you all to thank for that! And with so many more reviews pouring in it's been fun reading all your views. 

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