This week, I've taken the difficult decision to delay the release of Blood Sacrifice by two weeks.
The reason for the delay is that I just didn't feel it was up to scratch and ready for release. On the last pass through I spotted a plot hole which needs a bit of stitching up, which in turn means I have to run through all my usual editing stages again with a new section added. I want to make sure that each book is up to the standard you expect, so this was the obvious decision to take.
The pre-order is still available via the same link, but the release date is now 14th June 2021. I have not shifted back the release of the next book as of yet, so we should still be on schedule for the planned releases through the rest of the year.
Honestly, this is likely a knock-on effect from the fact that I had delayed Blood Pressure's release for a month in March. While I did get that book done early, I then didn't start working on Blood Sacrifice quickly enough! I am already in the planning phases of Serial Investigations 9, so I hope this won't have any further impact.

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