Happy weekend! I just wanted to pop by and share with you this post which I've added to my Substack this week. I'm getting into the habit of thinking about real-life serial killers a bit more now that the newsletter launch proper is coming up. So, to kick us off a bit, I wanted to think about why this topic is so interesting in the first place, and why we can't get enough of it!
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As we warm up for the proper launch of the Case Files newsletter, I wanted to start us off with a look into the psychology behind why you might want to sign up in the first place. There’s a lot of fascination with serial killers and murderers in popular culture, which can be seen everywhere from hugely successful podcasts to Netflix specials to best-selling books.
But just why do we have this uncommon fascination with serial killers and their ways of mayhem? What is it that keeps us from looking away? Why do some of us even come to the point of harbouring attraction to them, as in the case of famously ‘handsome’ Ted Bundy?
There are a few reasons that all come together in a perfect storm to create that surreal fascination we feel. Let’s dive into those and explore them - before we look at ten examples of women who loved serial killers so much, they ended up marrying them!

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