I have another Medium post to share! This one was published in The Coffelicious, and is all about when to write your book. Spoiler alert: the answer is right now!
You can read the whole post here. See below for a quick teaser!


When should you write a book?
When you retire and finally have time to focus on the story?
When you’ve graduated from school and got a stable job, and you can work on it at the weekends?
When the market changes?
When you’ve completed every single writing course on the internet?
When you’ve finally read every classic from the '100 Books to Read Before You Die' list?
When you’re old enough to be taken seriously?
When a mysterious industry gatekeeper grants you permission?
All of these potential answers are, as you may have guessed from the title, completely wrong. The best time to write your book is now.
But why do I say that?

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