Instead of book reviews or a new short story this week, I thought I'd write a bit about how I'm doing under lockdown.
It's been well over a month for us here - slightly longer for me than for my partner, who was still called into work for over a week after I stopped going out. I've been out a handful of times to get medication and essential shopping, but otherwise I'm staying home.
Writing has been continuing as normal - or, actually, even better than normal. At first it was difficult to concentrate, but once the situation stabilised and we knew to expect lockdown for a few weeks at least, I hunkered down. I've been finding the words flowing very well for the last couple of weeks, whether working on my own book (Serial Investigations 5) or ghostwriting.
In fact, if I didn't have any other work to do, I would guess that I would be able to get the next book out ahead of schedule. I will probably stick with the current release schedule I had planned for the rest of the year, as getting ahead is much better than scrambling to keep up.
The key is having time set aside every day, just like normal, to sit at the keyboard. I've been doing this regularly and keeping to my work days, with the difference being that I'm staying up later and getting up later in the day. This is probably something to do with sharing my space with someone who no longer has to go into work!
I've also been working on some shorts and allowing my brain to relax and stretch. When I feel like I can't concentrate on writing, I let myself read for a few hours instead. When the inspiration comes, I sit and write, even if I've already met my wordcount for the day or it's past my normal bedtime. In this way, I've been navigating this strange time without too much trouble. 
I hope I can take some lessons from this situation and retain them after life returns to normal, such as giving myself time for creativity and learning. I may well change the type of work I do in the near future to focus only on ghostwriting and editing the magazine, leaving other forms of copywriting behind. At the moment it's a little unsure, but I know that writing fiction always makes me feel better.

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